At 10XSheets, we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Our team consists of experienced finance professionals and successful business owners, all committed to providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

At 10XSheets, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge they need to achieve their business goals. We believe that anyone can succeed in business with the right tools and mindset. That’s why we offer a range of proven resources and tools to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and build thriving businesses.

Our team of entrepreneurs, finance experts, and number crunchers is led by successful business owners with a proven track record of success. We understand the challenges of starting and running a business, and we are dedicated to sharing our expertise with others. Backed by serial entrepreneurs, including Dustin Figge, we are committed to helping aspiring business owners achieve their dreams.

At 10XSheets, we provide access to a range of established tools and resources to help entrepreneurs succeed. Our resources include business planning tools, financial models and templates, expert consultation on financial modeling and funding matters, and more. We also offer educational content to help entrepreneurs develop their skills and knowledge. All of our resources are designed to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build successful businesses.

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Dustin Figge

Dustin Figge

Serial Entrepreneur

A seasoned pro with a track record of building and growing successful businesses, including The Homelike, Sola, and Talents Connect AG.

Hady ElHady

Hady ElHady

Marketing Connoisseur

A marketing and customer acquisition expert with a wealth of experience in helping businesses achieve 10X growth through effective marketing strategies.